Saturday, July 3, 2010


We’ve all had our share of cuts & bruises and some certainly leave bigger scars than others. This young fellow came off his bicycle during a race last week and sustained a rather nasty break to his wrist.

Not surprisingly, he’s pretty down at the moment but the wrist has just been fixed and no doubt, at some point, he will move on with his life.

Although there are clearly worse things that can happen to us, a serious crash off the bike does highlight the chasm between the things that make us feel great (flying with the peloton) and the things that make us feel terrible (the helplessness and pain of a broken body, not to mention bike).

But life’s like that. Some days we soar with the eagles. Other days we are roosting, whiling away the hours, or mending the scars born from a life well-lived. And some scars will leave us unable to soar as high as we used to.

It’s a wonderful journey. So long as we don’t forget how to fly.

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