Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fuzzy Cinelli

Ebay troll has found an interesting Cinelli frame & fork which recently sold for USD $2500. It’s Cinelli Super Corsa (Special Corsa) and cross-referencing the serial number (2487) with the Cinelli Registry (web link conveniently provided by the seller) indicates a 1970s build.

A quick Google search indicates that Cinelli was bought out by tube manufacturer, Columbus, around 1978-9. It was around 1980 that the Cinelli logo changed to the modern bold typeface with the winged “C”.

The following is lifted from the Cinelli website (link somehow keeps reverting to Italian)

Cinelli heraldic headbadge. Cino Cinelli was a Tuscan working in Milan. The “Biscione” on one side is the traditional symbol for Milan (representing by a dragon devouring a child which will be killed by a knight of the Visconte Family, governers of Milan from 1227 to 1447) while the “Giglio” on the other side is the traditional crest of Florence (supposedly representing the abundant flowers of the Iris germanica type).

The modern Cinelli logo commissioned by Antonio Columbo and designed by Italo Lupi. The winged “C” and colourway were apparently drawn from 1930s British locomotive design.

If this bike is in original condition as indicated by the seller then this might be one of those frames that slipped through during the transition period (1980-82) which sported a traditional headbadge and modern logos. Certainly the rear brake bridge is correct for this period. However, what’s with the oil ports in the bottom bracket (which disappeared in 1965)? Also where are the 3 holes on on the top face of the lugs (which was standard from 1969/70)? And although braze-on top tube cable guides were around in this period, it was still a little early for aero down tube shifter bosses. Then again Cinelli was renowned for its innovation and the Cinelli Laser only came out only a couple of years later.

So was the framebuilder clearing old stock or is this simply a repainted, significantly rehashed 1960s Cinelli SC? Is this a special/ prototype build (take a look at the scallops at the top of the seat stays)? Indeed, is it even a "Cinelli"?

Whatever it is, I like it!

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Anonymous said...

It's a botched repaint of a 60's Cinelli. I remember seeing it on Ebay, it did not go for $2500!