Saturday, July 17, 2010

A wonderful indulgence

Thanks Dave.

It was a great experience and a wonderful indulgence.


Danny Huang said...

Really beautiful Kev. Well done. x Donna

wingnut said...

Aw shucks. You're making me blush... Actually Dave did a lot of the detail work (but don't tell anyone) ;-)

sleestak said...

Great Job! I had a great time and you did a wonderful job. Have fun on it.

mrmatta said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous bike and a truly once in a lifetime experience. Well worth it.

Paul said...

Hello Wingnut,

I'll give this a try, perhaps you are still using this blog.

I am looking at taking the frame building course with Bohemian and would like to make contact with you if your are kind enough to answer some questions and provide advice.

I live in Brisbane.

Regards....Paul A

wingnut said...

Hi Paul, unofficial email for this blog is: