Monday, April 9, 2012

Masi 3V "Lo-Pro" track frameset

Photo's ripped from ebay listing from several years back. 
Commentary previously posted
Don't seen many of these lying around.


Chaim said...

I really makes me think of a Yamaguchi custom tt track frame. Also the use of True Temper and the details on the frame look like Koichi's work. Maybe it's a custom Masi order, made by Koichi in Colorado?

wingnut said...

Interesting thought Chaim. Although the Masi name was known to have subcontracted frames out to other builders (both in the US & Italy) I'm not sure if Yamaguchi was one of those builders. I'm not even sure if the frame is made of True Temper tubing - I suspect they may just be decalled as such for advertising/ commercial reasons. Thanks for the comment and until someone comes out and says: "hey, I built that!" it will be a frame with so many possibilities..