Saturday, September 20, 2014

Shimano Total Integration (1991)

Bicycle Guide June 1991

(1992 Campagnolo C Record Ergopower here)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cruisin’ on the bay

1977 Colnago Super with pantographing
USD $1570

Some may wonder whether this has enough of the right bits to take the tag of “Pantagrafata”. One might also wonder why American and Japanese consumers seem so particular about such things when their Italian compatriots (including the folk who built, assembled, purchased, pedalled and palped such bicycles in the first place) seem so blasé (to the point of disinterest). And whether it really matters now that it is all but impossible to separate original pantographed parts from those newly minted from standard old stock

Lovely patina on the awesome (presumably non-original) Assos saddle.

The rest of the bike ain’t bad either.

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Of course, when pantographing isn’t quite enough then there was always this:

Engraved Cinelli XA stem and Campagnolo C Record crankset
USD $1500

Yeti Ultimate
GBP 2053.13

Unusual to see a Yeti Ultimate in white with a full Campy grouppo (not to mention shod with white Onza Porcs). 
A most excellent choice. 

Ridiculous combo. Ridiculous money. But excellent.

C26 via
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1993 Swiss Army Bicycle
USD $3250

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