Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happiness is a point

Ritchey P-29er.
Finally a steel hardtail that ticks all the right boxes. Retro cool paint (tick), the flexibility of sliding dropouts (tick), the confidence of a through-axle fork and lock-on grips (tick) and the practicality of a 2x10 drivetrain (tick). 
TIG-welded in Taiwan. Designed by a legend.

For true believers and die-hard retrogrouches there was this:

1990 fillet-brazed Ritchey P-23 Team.

A mate once told me that “happiness is a point”. It is the convergence of "want", "need" and “have”. 

Happiness according to Jim. 

I want a Ritchey. I already have a mountain bike. I need to get off ebay.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pushies Galore 2013

It’s bicycle meet, swap and show time!

 It started off a bit wet.

 Looks like somebody made Bianchi’s before somebody (else) made brake cables.

 Brian’s Dark Knight and Mairag.

 Campy 50th on this one.

 Mark’s Colnago Master in Molteni team livery.

 Nuovo/ Super Record build.

 “And this here are my old racing pedals..” Showing your age there Mark.

 Hello there.

 Will you be my friend?

 The ball-burnished GT Zaskar.

 What’s not to like about a cyclejumble?

$1500? Bargain.


 Now where was I?

 Back on familiar territory.

 Hands off the bike my crippled friend.

 I said hands off Greg!

 Kumo Cycles.

 Llewellyn Custom Bicycles.


 Kangeroo Point Cycle Club has (some) riders with plenty of coin.


 There are a lot of BMX fans out there.

 And few track fans.

 And at least one bicycle nut with too much time on his hands.

 Keepers of an important piece of transportation history.

 This one looks pretty darn old.

 This one’s even older.

 Nice restoration work.