Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deda meets the Master

Here’s a quick personality test. Let’s say you had to wait for someone - what do you do? Do you stare nonchalantly into the distance? Do you become irritable? Do you fidget? Do you play with your iphone/ multimedia device, clothing or body part? Or pick up a book or magazine that you have just for occasions like this? Do you take a nap? Do you conspire with your bowels to conjure up flatulence so that you may test the fortitude and forbearance of those around you? Or do you just say “fcuk this!” and leave? 
Or, should you happen to be at home and with a little more time on your hands, do you grab your camera and shoot photos of your bicycle?
If you possess a set of chromed Deda Alanera bars (...and, well, you don’t...) and perchance have them already mounted on your studly, steel steed then the choice is obvious. 

Ah yes. Like tusks on a walrus or antlers on a moose, this here is bicycling’s appendage of male bravado. With this one shall swagger and smirk condescendingly at the unfortunate masses who are lesser equipped (ie everyone else). Come rucking season who knows what fair maiden will be blinded, quite literally, by such amazing bling. And she will do naught but surrender to such a supreme display of manhood. 

Chrome-painted carbon fiber. Big, bright, modern yet retro, and amenable to all forms of impractical applications/ situations.
It should be the next big thing at the NAHBS.

Monday, September 12, 2011

1st gens on the bay

Another set of 1st generation delta calipers currently for sale on ebay.
(ADDIT - sold outside of ebay)

They may be a little rough but this here is evidence that at least some 1st generation calipers served their time in action.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue eyes

If you are wondering what makes the Campagnolo Cobalto caliper so fascinating to bicycle collectors then allow me to introduce to you the illegitimate offspring of a Cobalto and Victory hybridization (as seen on ebay).

She has her sister's striking blue eyes.

Never underestimate the power of sex appeal. Nor the seductive allure of two little pieces of translucent blue plastic.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Deda Alanera chromed carbon fiber integrated handlebar


I don’t believe we’ve met.

Deda Alanera? 

Well then, I’m sure I have seen you before. 
It must have been Italy. May be Milan? Florence?
Yes, always elegant, but never in that stunning coat...

So, tell me. What brings you to Budapest?
Really? He did that?!
He put you on ebay? 


I mean you! You of all things!

I want you. 

So bad.

I am so dead.