Saturday, September 17, 2011

Deda meets the Master

Here’s a quick personality test. Let’s say you had to wait for someone - what do you do? Do you stare nonchalantly into the distance? Do you become irritable? Do you fidget? Do you play with your iphone/ multimedia device, clothing or body part? Or pick up a book or magazine that you have just for occasions like this? Do you take a nap? Do you conspire with your bowels to conjure up flatulence so that you may test the fortitude and forbearance of those around you? Or do you just say “fcuk this!” and leave? 
Or, should you happen to be at home and with a little more time on your hands, do you grab your camera and shoot photos of your bicycle?
If you possess a set of chromed Deda Alanera bars (...and, well, you don’t...) and perchance have them already mounted on your studly, steel steed then the choice is obvious. 

Ah yes. Like tusks on a walrus or antlers on a moose, this here is bicycling’s appendage of male bravado. With this one shall swagger and smirk condescendingly at the unfortunate masses who are lesser equipped (ie everyone else). Come rucking season who knows what fair maiden will be blinded, quite literally, by such amazing bling. And she will do naught but surrender to such a supreme display of manhood. 

Chrome-painted carbon fiber. Big, bright, modern yet retro, and amenable to all forms of impractical applications/ situations.
It should be the next big thing at the NAHBS.


Oldbikerider said...

Wow! I didn't quite get those bars at first, but in context.... Wow!
Tell us more about the bike?

wingnut said...

Yes, context is everything! In this case the context is a stock standard 1990s Colnago Master Light/ Olympic wearing a decor paint scheme that was fairly common at the time. The groupset is 2008 Campy Chorus with 2008 Mavic Ksyrium wheels ( The chrome-painted Deda bars are probably the most interesting item on this bike and was something the troll happened to stumble upon (he got lost on ebay). These bars have been used and are from an Alanera model that I think are at least a couple of years old. If they are a factory production model (as I think is what the seller claimed) then the concept of chrome painting carbon components/ bicycles does not appear to have gained much if any traction. In any case it works well on this particular bike. The Ritchey Classic post (logos rubbed off) helps by providing some balance and simile. Thanks for the comment - the troll thought no-one would give a damn...

Anonymous said...

I think they look great too!!!

Chuck, Velo-Retro

wingnut said...

Thanks Chuck. May be some custom frame builder or consumer will think the same and we'll see more chromed carbon components on bicycles. Afterall motorcycle enthusiasts have been palping this kinda stuff for years ;)

colnago said...

Very nice indeed!

Anonymous said...

Now, this is classy. That rarely happens when new meets older.