Sunday, August 29, 2010

The sartorial cyclist

How would today's "chic" cycling fashion fare in 10-15 years?

Well, my riding buddy who owns this

Wants to get this

And this (the pants, not the bike)

...he's already got their AUD $200 gilet...

And this

So he can look more like this

But on a Columbine, with a Brooks saddle, and equipped with that modern mechanical device that allows you to change gears. He may even lower himself and wear that silly-looking foam lid that's supposed to protect your brain.

It didn’t take me too long to rummage through my pile of old magazines to check out the height of fashion in the mid 80s (Bicycle Guide, May 1987).

They didn't wear brain protection back then either.
Nonetheless they were prepared for inclement weather.

It appears that "timing" separates the cool hipster from the sad has-been. That's a shame for those, like me, who get their timing wrong.

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