Monday, November 16, 2009

George Carlin

Like many other bicycle enthusiasts out there bicycles form a small but significant part of my life. This cyclocentric blog allows me to vent in a socially acceptable way (ie in remote corner on the internet) so that I don’t bore or irritate the vast majority of people I have to interact with in the outside world.

I’ve just travelled for 17hrs from Australia to get to Tucson, Arizona to meet up with David Bohm of Bohemian Bicycles. Nice chap with a fairly relaxed manner from what I can tell so far. He brought brazed-on downtube lettering and the carved logos on the rear dropouts to the bicycle world. Yet people will say “you do that just like Sacha White*!” and he simply replies “Well yeah...”. Just quietly, I think Dave is pretty chuffed that I’m here (on the other hand, I’m surprised that not more people know about Bohemian Bicycles).

One Mexican dinner later and I’m laid up in my hotel room for most of the following day. So, I flick on the TV and discover George Carlin. A provocative comedian who provides insightful observations on the human condition, Mr Carlin won the Mark Twain prize for Humour in 2008. Check out George Carlin on YouTube.

This should be my only non-cycling post - but it does have a tenuous connection as I wouldn’t be in Tucson otherwise, eating authentic Mexican (and paying the price), then watching telly in the middle of the day...

Tomorrow I start building a bicycle with David Bohm.

* of Vanilla Bicycles (no doubt a master craftsman in his own right)

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