Saturday, February 8, 2014

1990 Trek 950 Single Track


Roy Taylor said...
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munga said...

that's my old bike! :D
i sold it in original spec to adrian, who blinged it up with the ano parts, then he sold it, presumably to the person you bought it from.

wingnut said...

Hi Munga. It's a great bike! I recently fitted it out with XT RD & shifter, new grips and pedals as in the pics. It has Shimano's notorious ceramic pads at the moment (presumably from an intermediary owner) but this should scrape off the anodising over the next few dry runs then I'll put on some proper pads. In the meantime I'll white-kuckle my way through them 5 degree manicured descents. But I will keep the suicide straddle cables.. when you ride as slow as I do you need as much as excitement as you can wangle from your toys. Cheers & thanks