Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prototype Campagnolo Record dual pivot calipers

Campagnolo delta brake calipers were in production as Campagnolo's top level offering from 1984-1993 with a two year hiatus when the first generation was recalled (1985-86 with the Cobalto brakeset used as an interim replacement). When the delta brakeset was reintroduced in 1987 it took another 7 years and a further 4 generations to work out that the concept simply didn't work.

In 1993 Campagnolo came out with these prototype dual pivot calipers:

mmm... p r o t o t y p e...

...note the industrial-strength machined rocker...

...and caliper arms recessed for brake pad fittings.

The rest they say... history.

Currently on ebay for USD $299

ADDIT: sold 23/5/11


Daus said...

Although interesting, this item screams counterfeit. Laser etching is easy to do on anything today versus 2 decades ago. Why would Campagnolo have taken the time to laser etch something......then?

wingnut said...

Hi Daus, certainly a valid point. I was a little sceptical as well before I posted the images however I am now inclined to believe the seller. The fixing bolts for the brake blocks and the recessed caliper arms in which they sit are very reminiscent of the delta calipers. They are not seen on production models. Also the rocker (component BR-RE017 in the 1994 spare parts catalogue) is made of a bent steel plate in the production dual calipers that I have seen. This example has what appears to be a machined component (yes it appears exactly like the image in catalogue but the real item - at least from 1994 onwards - was a much cheaper looking steel plate). If they are counterfeit, then the seller appears to have done a pretty good job of it.

corey sar fox said...

hi all, i'm the seller. these brakes were on a very tired colnago master that i bought. after taking everything apart and cleaning the whole record gruppo, i noticed the "prototype" brakes and then did some poking around and came to the conclusion that these are pretty special. i have no idea how they came to be on this frame. anyway, thanks for the publicity.

Andre said...

Interesting. I have an old Athena rear derailleur that also has "Prototype" laser etched on the rear. I assume that it was taken off an ex pro's bike, but have no idea who, where or when.