Monday, December 20, 2010

Athena vs Ultegra 1989

Bicycle Guide Jan/Feb 1989

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Lorenzo and Erica said...

One wonders how many bikes with these parts are still out there being used? Based on Larry's bike shop daze he'd say most of the Shimano parts have long since been worn out and discarded while there are plenty of the old Campagnolo bits still being used. Better quality and durability probably explain only a bit of that -- the difference in appeal is part of it as well. The patient owner who is passionate about Campagnolo will take better care of the stuff while the Shimano owner uses it as long as it works OK, then replaces with the newest-latest. We still have two Bianchi's equipped with the first 8-speed Ergopower Athena groupsets -- they're still going strong with only chains and cassettes being replaced along with cables and brake pads. We rarely see bikes with old Shimano bits these days.