Saturday, May 31, 2014

Road to Sofala

“Road to Sofala” by Mel Brigg.

 With bicycle.

With ironing board.

When I was sixteen I represented Queensland in a high school art competition ominously called the “National Art Award”. I didn’t win. The following year, unbeknownst to my parents, I took four paintings to Philip Bacon Galleries and asked the man whether I could make it as an artist. He told me that I had potential but I had to “choose [to continue my university education] or choose [to do] art”. And that I couldn’t do both. 

I took his advice. 

And chose the road with clearer signposts.

By coincidence I already have this.

“Australian Light” (Sofala) by Todd Whisson.

Sofala is Australia’s oldest surviving gold rush town set along the banks of the Turon River.  It lies about 170km north-west of Sydney on the other side of what is now the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. 

In 1947 a chap named Russell Drysdale painted this:


And in 1982 Brett Whitely painted this:

“Around Sofala”

Can’t say that I get the whole contemporary Australian art scene. 

This I get.

Oh well..

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