Sunday, October 2, 2011

Revisiting the RMIT BT Superbike

It is a sad fact of life that Campagnolo Ghibli disc wheels are perversely expensive. Even when they are 20 years old...

Kevlar goodness takes the form of a Campagnolo Ghibli M23 track wheelset

But once found and confirmed to be in good condition then the troll must pay for the privilege. If only to fulfill an obligation. 

Apologies for the unbecoming (not to mention period and discipline incorrect) Chorus crankset. The troll will fit the appropriate C Record track crank once he locates the crank-puller on his Topeak Alien multitool. 

A dinosaur once UCI ruling 1.3.021 came into effect in September 1999 If the Superbike had mounts to fit brakes, fenders, and maybe even a basket (or two) then it may possibly have survived as a commuter. Alas it was not so.

The money spent on these wheels was what Ben Benenke had in mind to help lift the American economy or what Angela Merkel needs to pledge to save the Euro (ie equivalent to 120 takeaway meals in Australia, or about a trillion American dollars/ 750 billion Euro). I guess it will have to be yet another round of “quantitive easing” for America and the junking of Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Ireland from the Euro zone. 
But, like the non-competitive cyclist who palps the super-light carbon tubular race wheels on the Sunday group ride, I have this to say to those that think the money is better spent elsewhere:
“Non, je ne regrette rien.” 


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm riding tomorrow without paying for registration and getting a sponsors jersey - So I take it that I'm a "competitive cyclist"???

Time to palp some carbon tubs...

wingnut said...

No. You sold your soul to industry. But I'll see your soulless carcass tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the player, man. Hate the game

wingnut said...

check this out: