Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Lotus and the Lone Wolf

The general populous will probably never understand it but the Lone Wolf (as identified by BSNYC) has many fans within the cycling community.

The Lone Wolf and the road-going Lotus 110 (check out the delta’s with nonstandard-issue levers). He’s pointing to a signature...

...from an American cyclist

Another American star adds her name

“Hammer time” Sarah Hammer - possibly the best sports surname after Usain Bolt

Mike Burrows’ original Windcheetah

Lotus Sport 108...

...and a cyclist from Great Britain

Report of a track race at the Barcelona Olympics (Cycling World Sept/Oct 1992)

Admire me and my exclusive awesomeness

Lotus Sport 108 written up in Popular Mechanics Feb 1993 (via

Lotus Sport 110

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