Saturday, March 20, 2010

1978 Team Raleigh track frame

Classic track frame in TI-Raleigh team livery (1974-1983). Certainly one of the most recognisable team colours of any era and highly collectible because of it’s long and impressive race pedigree. And, in my opinion, it is simply a great combination of decals and colours. Striking and easily identified within the peloton yet not too flamboyant.

This example has been manufactured by Carlton Cycles from Reynolds 531 tubing and with rather unusual cutouts in the long-point lugs. Even though Carlton would be one of the premium builders under Raleigh’s broad umbrella it is clear that even quality production bicycles can miss out on a few details.

You probably won’t see this sort of mistake on bicycles nowadays. The seatpost has been slotted to the bottom of the lug creating a stress-riser in the seat tube when cinching down the seat bolt. This can fatigue the seat tube. (The imperfect solution is to burr out a hole at the end of the slot but this is a situation that plainly should never have arisen)

A reminder that it was not always better made “in the old days”...

Below is Warren Meade’s excellent article in Ride Cycling Review (issue 37).

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