Saturday, January 16, 2010

The perfect day

Cool, dry, overcast day riding a single speed on technical single track with a perfect, clean run.

Many things conspire to make a perfect day. It had rained heavily a fortnight ago with a light sprinkle yesterday. Ideal to keep the soil compact enough for rear wheel traction on the hills and not washout on the descents, yet loose enough not to build up on the tires and increase rotational mass. An early start on an overcast day with a light cool breeze to allow a clear run before the masses arrive. You float. You grind. You whoop through a few technical sections. Then back to grinding. And floating. And whooping. And all various combinations. Two hours later you start to fatigue and make a few mistakes. Then the trail throws you off for a minor indiscretion. You walk your bike. You burn. But you clear the last run. Clean.

The perfect day. And most of the city folk ain't even out of bed yet...

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