Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st generation Campagnolo Delta Brakeset

Much better pics courtesy of the original owner. Last 5 frames shows the difference between the 1st & subsequent generations (3rd & 5th gen in this case).

Also David Bohm of Bohemian Bicycles has posted some pics of the frame we built together over 10 1/2 days at the end of November 2009. He has finished the rear triangle and added the braze-ons. Very schmick stuff indeed. You can check it out at his Flikr account:
All she needs is a bit of paint.

The 1st generation delta's are destined for this build as is a 1st generation C Record chainset...mmm hubba hubba...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the research. Love the blog.

I have a question for your. I have a set of Campagnolo Delta brakes on my 1989 era Eddy Merckx. I lost one of the brake shoe holders (long story involving a bent wheel rim). I am trying to find a period replacement. Any sources of Delta brake parts you could point me to?


wingnut said...

Hi Bruce. Pretty hard to find specific replacement parts without having to buy the whole caliper - which tends to be quite expensive nowadays. Worthwhile trying the "Bike Stuff" links on the excellent Velo-Retro site ( I have purchased from VeloMine & Hilary Stone (both excellent) but I understand all of them have a good reputation in the vintage/ classic market. If you have access to swap meets/ cycle jumbles then that's even better. Then, of course, there's ebay...