Sunday, December 20, 2009

Colnago Arabesque

I don't understand the fascination collectors have with the Colnago Arabesque. In my opinion the lines don't flow cleanly enough to be a show bike yet it is too pointlessly elaborate to be a race bike. I'm obviously in the minority here.

(pics taken from ebay)


Glen York said...

Sorry but you are wrong on both accounts. I raced this bike as a CAT 3 in 1985-1987 (Team Strada Tempe, AZ). Second this bike always stops people in their tracks and they come up and look and ask me questions. One of the most beautiful and yet functionals bikes of the 1980s... may cutting edge advancements on this bike, tripple butted tubs, squared top tube and special arched tubing for the down tube, super record group and it was light weight bike for the time.... if you haven't Road one and if you didn't ride in 1985 I would say... you missed out.

No harm no foul man but you are wrong...


wingnut said...

Thanks for the information Glen. I'm sure you already know that many collectors/ bicyclists share the same sentiment as you do about the Arabesque and your support is no doubt appreciated.