Friday, November 27, 2009

Bicycle Project 2, day 9

Tucson on the morning of Thanksgiving Day (hey, no cars...)

America the bountiful. Today is the fourth Thursday in November which makes it Thanksgiving Day in the United States. A true harvest festival with a glorious celebration of food and companionship at the dinner table. Dave was kind enough to invite me to a Thanksgiving dinner and my first taste of American-Jewish hospitality. Wonderful. What more does one need?

Well, may be a nice bike would further nourish the soul.

So on to today's endeavours. We started up with paint selection and hand-mixing the various components (dyes mixed into a clear base). I've decided on a traditional scheme with an ivory base colour and a blue HT and DT panel. Yellow pinstripes strategically placed complete the look.

Baby blue bottled (in the background)

In the meantime Dave sets up the frame jig and then tacks the frame before checking alignment.

All done in frame setting jig.

Final check in frame alignment jig.

Dave brazes the fancy stainless lugs.

The Stig steps in to braze the bottom bracket.

Um Dave I think we forgot something...

Lugs are refined - clean up the shore lines and thin out the lugs to be ready for polishing tomorrow.

Note that the lugs are refined and polished with the seat stays not yet attached. It is just one way of building a frame but allows access for meticulous lug refinement.

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