Saturday, July 27, 2013

Happiness is a point

Ritchey P-29er.
Finally a steel hardtail that ticks all the right boxes. Retro cool paint (tick), the flexibility of sliding dropouts (tick), the confidence of a through-axle fork and lock-on grips (tick) and the practicality of a 2x10 drivetrain (tick). 
TIG-welded in Taiwan. Designed by a legend.

For true believers and die-hard retrogrouches there was this:

1990 fillet-brazed Ritchey P-23 Team.

A mate once told me that “happiness is a point”. It is the convergence of "want", "need" and “have”. 

Happiness according to Jim. 

I want a Ritchey. I already have a mountain bike. I need to get off ebay.

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