Saturday, February 25, 2012

1990s Colnago Master TT

For many that raced bicycles in the early 1990's this specimen embodies just about everything that was good in our efforts against the wind.

Colnago "lo-pro" Master frameset with CX forks. 
Campagnolo Shamal 650C front and 700C rear wheelset. 
Mavic bullhorns and time trial bars. 
Look ergostem.
Flite saddle. 
Dura-ace drivetrain. 
Dia Compe BRS calipers.

The troll's size. Damn! 

Sure it's not the BRS 500 but close enough. And, sadly, this bike doesn't need the short reach. 

 Dia-Compe BRS 500 calipers

Look ma. No springs...

Ergostem with CX fork for 650c front wheel. How low can you go... 

The rise and rise of Shimano. 

Sold 22 Feb for USD $3,550.


Pritpal said...

Look at that paint job. Style never goes out of fashion.

giovanni said...

My name is Giovanni and I sold that Colnago TT.
Thanks for hosting the auction photos here for future reference. That nice bike went to South Korea.

I check your blog regularly, very nice work indeed.
Take a look at my blog here: if you like.


wingnut said...

Hi Giovanni,
That was a great bike and the buyer is one lucky guy! Your blog and flickr account betrays passion, a good eye, and plenty of cleverness behind the lens. I'll be checking in... lots...