Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pushies Galore

A Llewellyn track bike in Columbus MS, a 1932 Minerva, a couple of Hetchins, a couple of awesome frankenbikes and a C Record-equipped Ken Evans and Colnago Master. Glad I brought my iphone. Shame I had only 40 minutes.

Next time I bring the troll.

More pics at:


Anonymous said...

Is "Pushies" derogatory? I.E. I pushed my sweet pushie down the street looking awesome with my skinny jeans.

wingnut said...

Not if you say "Cadel Evans looked sweet riding his pushie over them alps..."

Anonymous said...

Cadel has ridden a brave if defensive tour and good luck to him in tomorrow's time trial. But Cadel looking "sweet" riding over the Alps? I don't think so!

wingnut said...

Yeah. A regrettable example. Let me try again: "Cadel rode his pushie over the alps with his expression the epitome of human suffrage..."