Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vintage ebay

In 1995 ebay began with the single sale of a broken laser pointer. Many years passed before the troll became aware of the treasure trove that lay within the caverns of the bay (by then a slick trading machine for collectors as well as servicing the general public in search of more mundane essentials). Currently ebay hosts about a hundred million items at any one time.

Thankfully the troll was there early enough to catch a glimpse of some products that might not make it on ebay today (patronised by a more sophisticated clientele of buyers/ sellers/ browsers, not to mention a tightening of ebay’s fee structure). One item that piqued the troll’s interest in those early days was this:

Hands free mobile phone kit making the rounds in 2005.

The troll managed to procure one such item from his workplace (where it is commonly referred to as a very large elastic band). A little too tight to place around the troll’s bulbous head and in any case placement of the phone would preclude the application of a helmet on aforementioned bulbous head (if you are a middle aged male that chooses to wear full lycra in public then Australian law mandates that you ride a bicycle and wear a helmet). So the hands-free mobile phone kit was put to good use on the handlebar.

Damn shame that sophisticated gadgetry these days aren’t as versatile as this.


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Oldbikerider said...

Make that four readers.

Things are moving ahead.

wingnut said...

Yeah. Pretty sad eh?