Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Messing with mojo

Even if you consider yourself the epitome of Italian cycling elegance you can never be too sure that someone won’t come along and completely mess up your mojo.

Pinarello Dogma spotted on ebay for AUD $9,999 (auction ended 9 Feb, not sold).

One suspects that that the owner had some difficulties getting comfortable on this bike. Not to mention that vibrant yellow, limited edition, Look Contador pedals are so so so sooooo passe these days (well, at least over the past couple of weeks). And white tyres were never acceptable. Ever.

Now I’m no fashionista and I certainly have no place commenting on subjects I know nothing about. Then again, if I was faithful to such a belief then I wouldn’t be commenting on anything (apart from the fluff from my navel - which, like everyone else’s, is grey with a slight tinge of blue...)

On this occasion I'll let the following pictures speak for themselves.

Giulani Fujiwara at the Milan Fashion Week in January.

Givenchy’s men in “skorts”. The French have been there before...

Missing, misplaced or messed up mojo. It's not good. Cycling's god of Italian machismo would surely not approve.

"If I weren't a professional cyclist, I'd be a porn star."

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