Monday, January 3, 2011

The emperor’s new clothes - update

Oh my. The emperor appears to have quite a wardrobe.

Sold USD $3051.16 on 1 Jan 2011.

Sold USD $3,000 on 2 Jan 2011.

(the troll is gullible and assumes all sales as final)

For a small production run* a surprising number of these frames and associated accoutrements have hit the ebay market over the past 6 weeks. No doubt riding the shirt tails of the sale of one of their kind for over $12,000 USD.

However, at these prices you could strip these frames and get a repaint. But that would be pretty lame. Rather, if you are brave enough, you could consider taking to the streets in full kit. If you survive - ie providing a real street kid doesn’t kill you in a dark alley and you manage to avoid getting smashed whilst street riding sans brakes - then you may bask in your self-satisfied smugness. As there is nothing more cool than expensive kit that’s well-used and well-loved. It is a statement (whether the rest of the world recognises it or not) that you have passion, and money, and the time to savour the fruits of both. By my reckoning, that is one measure of a fortunate life.

It is quite telling that the troll has never seen a used example.

*it appears that 38 each of the Stash & Futura frames were made - not 33 as the troll was lead to believe on an admittedly superficial internet search

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