Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1992 road test: Roberts vs Regio vs Cannondale

In 1992 I spent a month's wages on a brand new Avanti Ridgeback - a steel TIG-welded MTB frame with mid-range Shimano componentry and rigid forks. Three months later I bounced my way into happiness (albeit with even less control) on a set of second-hand Manitou suspension forks with elastomer suspension (and no dampening). I was deeply attached to that bicycle.

But when darkness fell I was enraptured by magazine articles on bicycles and componentry that were outside my humble reach. Take what you will from product reviews be they objective, subjective or shameless marketing. They feed an inner desire. They make you aware of things that you never knew about, that you don't have in your possession, and now desperately need (without which Life would not be Complete).

"Bicycle" cycling magazine Midsummer 1992

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