Friday, May 14, 2010

Baum Cubano

Understated class.

Unused 2009 Baum Cubano titanium frame with Chris King headset just sold on Australian ebay for AUD $2275. Pretty good buy given that this is Baum's custom-built, custom-butted titanium frame and just one down from their top-of-the-line Corretto. Spec indicated as: 53cm TT, 51.2cm ST (sloping TT), 12.2cm HT (excluding CK headset), 73 deg STA, 71.5 deg HTA with 50mm fork rake.

Well, it's a good buy if the the spec fits your requirements...

If you are in to quality TIG-welded steel & titanium frames take a look at Darren Baum's website

I assume fans of steel lugged bicycles already know about Australian framebuilder, Darrell McCulloch

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