Saturday, October 31, 2009

Campagnolo deltas on ebay

NOS Campagnolo delta brakes just sold today on ebay for USD $1,450.58. These are second generation versions with laser-etched logos on the face-plate that were apparently distributed to pro teams only. Apart from the etched Campagnolo winged wheel logo these are standard, but no doubt rare, 2nd generation delta brakes (the deltas sold to mere mortals had a screen-printed logo on the face-plate). Never seen them before and they would have been a nice addition to my collection but prices are clearly rallying (certainly beyond my reach) along with the world economy...

Broad face-plate, knurled cable adjusters, white-grey bellows, yellowing brake block adjusters - all standard 2nd generation stuff...

Mmmmm engraved faceplate hubba hubba...

Second generation internals

Second generation externals including tapered spacers to allow the caliper to clear the frame (first generation had symmetric spacers with inset for serrated washers on both sides), knurled cable adjusters (rather than the quick release) and clean transition from face-plate to caliper body on the undersurface (rather than a retaining clip for the face-plate).

Quick release on the brake lever (the first time Campagnolo did this and a function that is retained on current groupsets)

Some people incorrectly describe 1st generation deltas as "prototype" deltas thereby skipping a generation and calling these "first" generation deltas. The second generation delta brakes were the first of Campagnolo's delta configurations that worked without risk of catastrophic failure. For more detail see my first post in Aug 2008

BTW I should clarify that Campagnolo C record 1st generation components were never really "engraved" or "etched" in the sense that an cutting instrument was used to draw the logo into the surface of the metal. The winged wheel logos were stamped into the surface.

All pics taken from the ad by the Australian ebay seller

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megabenzo said...

I found these from a prolific ebay lister of italian bike parts. They cost me $600, in 2006. So not a bad investment. Of course staight after selling them I had the 'sellers remorse'. They sat as one of my crown jewels in my delta collection, I had every delta produced in my collection, but decided to sell most including all the century finished and graphite croce d'aune. Managed to hang on to the original recalled 1st gen. Cannot bring myself to sell them, they are so delicate and rare. I think the value has crashed a little, saw a set pass in unsold the other day at $1500.