Sunday, September 13, 2009

Unicanitor saddle

Somewhere between the full leather saddle and the plastic-shell, leather-covered saddle is the Unicanitor. Developed (or rather, acquired from Nitor) by the ever-innovative (or should I say master-facilitator?) Cino Cinelli in 1962 this was the first of the plastic saddles. And a nice example of technological evolution. This early version has the saddle-tensioning bolt needed for full leather saddles (which sag with use over time) but quite redundant for non-stretch plastic. Cute (interesting but superfluous) in cyclocentric sort of way.

Brooks Swallow B17

Cinelli Unicanitor (Unica Nitor)

1968 Campy Record brakeset on a pre-1965 Cinelli SC with is ok. Quirky repaint leaving the original chrome and wrong SC decal with unusual arrangement on the seat tube is a little more provocative (even for me).

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